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For more than 60 years, USY, USCJ’s youth movement, has brought the joy of Judaism to life for teens, inspiring them to deepen their Jewish practice, become leaders, make a positive impact on the world, and develop lasting connections to their Jewish identities.

USY, for grades 9-12, and Kadima, a program of USY for preteens grades 6-8 (though grades vary by region) allow your kehilla to engage youth with fun, meaningful experiences based on the ideology of Conservative Judaism.

USY helps you keep teens (and their parents) involved in your community long beyond their b’nai mitzvah years.

USY is committed to being a safe physical, spiritual and emotional space for teens. Please contact our confidential hotline at [email protected]/212.533.7813 to report any inappropriate behavior.

As president of the Poughkeepsie chapter, I helped revive the youth group at my synagogue and improved the local Jewish environment for kids and teenagers. USY has played a major role in the formation of a close-knit, inclusive Jewish community at my synagogue.

Ariella Fessler

USY programming for your congregation:

USY partners with teens to elevate everyday high school life into places of meaning, wholeness, and holiness…it enables them to collect experiences and interactions that shape their future as Jewish leaders.

Rabbi David Levy
Former Senior Director, Teen Learning, USCJ


of teens say USY makes Judaism more relevant and meaingful


of teens say involvement in USY has made them want to increase their Jewish observance


of parents say that traveling on one of USY’s immersive summer programs enhanced their child’s understanding and appreciation of Jewish traditions and practices

Take Action

  • Contact your regional teen engagement director to learn more about USY programming in your area or to get information about starting a chapter in your synagogue
  • Contact Education and Leadership Outreach Manager Abby Kerbel for educational resources


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